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Perfect Your Technique

Have a loopy forehand? Erratic backhand? “Practice makes perfect” is often quoted, but does not always work. For example, if your technique is incorrect, hitting thousands of forehands would do no good, right?

A few days at Académie Ménard tennis camp will ensure you work on the correct stroke, on a continuous basis, for the best chance of improving.


Play Smarter

Do you play smart? Or are you simply reacting during a game, without a plan or strategy?

Académie Ménard instructors offer the latest coaching methods, and customize lessons to match pupils individual needs. We help develop tactical decision play for a smarter game, building on each persons gamestyle to ensure they think and plan as they play.


Experience New Surfaces

Get the chance to rotate among varying surfaces and take the opportunity to experience the subtle differences on how tennis is played on each – then take the challenge of making fine adjustments to your strokes and tactics on-the-fly.

And make new friends in the process, as you rotate and face different players, all with the same goals – to improve your game.


Technological Tools

Do you dream of turning pro? Want to play at a national level? Académie Ménard guarantees a US Tennis Scholarship for pupils heading in that direction.

And we make sure to use the latest coaching tools, like tablets, match filming, specialized apps, and more. Join the modern game with Académie Ménard, and get on track to reaching your true potential.

Ménard & Assoc. Tennis Academy

In operation since 1991, Académie Ménard has grown to become one of the largest and most renowned tennis schools in Canada, and has produced players of reputable status like Eugénie Bouchard, Stéphanie Dubois, Simon Larose, Charlotte Robillard-Milette and Leyla Fernandez.

Character and value

Académie Ménard has helped more than 30 athletes succeed in receiving scholarships to American colleges to continue their studies. But most important, and of which we are the proudest, is that we have produced young men and women with “character and value”.

Our 15 qualified coaches make it their business to give quality lessons as well as to transmit their love of the game.