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For the love of the game

In operation since 1991, Académie Ménard is one of the largest tennis schools in Canada and has produced players of reputable status like Stéphanie Dubois, Simon Larose, Mélanie Gloria and Christina Popescu, who have participated in the WTA and ATP tours. Another fine example of success is Eugenie Bouchard, who trained with Académie Ménard full time for a year at age 12, a crucial time for a young player to develop a base of skills that will serve them for life.

Moreover, more than fifty of our athletes have received scholarships to American colleges to continue their studies. But most important, and of which we are the proudest, is that we have produced young men and women with “character and value”.

Our 12 qualified coaches make it their business to give quality lessons as well as to transmit their love of the game.

AMA Snapshot

AMA snapshot

Académie Ménard instructors

Robby Ménard

Tennis Canada Level 4 Certified - International Coach

Robby is known as a player’s coach, and is close to his players. He believes in a positive approach and the importance of building confidence in children. An expert and a reference at maximizing talent, being involved in the development of an athlete over a period of 5 to 6 years is what drives and motivates him.

Sébastien Leroux

Tennis Canada Level 3 Certified

Sebastien is one of the most successful developmental coaches in Canada. Known for his kinaesthetic approach that he worked hard at developing, Sebastien was the first coach in Canada to bring and use technology day to day on the court in an efficient way to maximize an athlete’s potential.

Émile Kwan Fong

Tennis Canada Level 1 Certified

Emile started as a part-time physical trainer with Tennis 13 in 2008 for the tennis competitive group. Since 2009, he has been the full-time physical trainer for the Junior Tennis High Performance & Competitive Programs with Tennis 13 and Académie Ménard.

Seng Prachansiri

French Federation Level 1 Certified

Seng is well known as a versatile coach, and can teach all levels at a very high level, making him a force on any team. Seng started playing tennis in France at the age of 7, played competitively until 15, at which point he began coaching at all levels.

Juliette Chan

Tennis Canada Level 2 Certified

Juliette is a Level 2 Coach, with 17 years total experience. Her major concentration for 15 years has been with juniors at Tennis 13. Her responsibilities have been the recreational and the young hope programs for U11 which is a springboard to sport studies.

Luc Champanet

Tennis Canada Level 3 Certified

Although qualified as a university teacher, Luc decided to follow his passion and took up teaching tennis full time. Luc has been very successful facilitating kids to excel in tennis, helping produce many top juniors in the competitive program access their full potential.

Marc-André Léonard

Tennis Canada Level 2 Certified

Marc-André is involved both in physical preparation and tennis development, and is a very complete and effective coach. Coaching the junior programs for for three years now, Marc-André was elected Athlete of the Year for 2011-2012 for University of Montreal Carabins.

Jean-Sebastien Milette

Tennis Canada: Pro Club 1 Certified

Jean-Sebastien started playing tennis at 7. He played competitive tennis and was selected for the permanent Québec Tennis Team. This was a major achievement due to the fact that this team was the strongest ever in the history of Canada. His constant search for excellence brought him to AMA in 2002.

Francis Foisy

Tennis Canada Pro Club 1 Certified

Francis began competitive sport at the age of 6 years old playing high-level hockey. Always fascinated with tennis, at the age of 13 he began provincial tournaments and quickly focused solely on the game. Coaching for Laval at the Quebec Games since 2010, his team took the gold medal at the 2012 Shawinigan Games.

Nicolas Kwan

Tennis Canada Level 1 Certified

Nicolas is a great player, as a junior ranking in the top 5 in singles and reaching champion level in doubles. He can teach from youth to adult and at any level. He also can provide off court personal training which gives him diversity in a team.

Merhay Tesfa Endrias

Tennis Canada Level 1 Certified

Merhay can teach at any level, from juniors to adults, from recreational to competitive tennis. Such versatility is an asset to any team. He is also a Course Director for Tennis Canada’s Coaching Development Program, training and forming new instructor level coaches.

Alexis Matthew Kavanagh

Tennis Canada Level 2 Certified

Alexis started tennis at the age of 2. He played competitively in the after-school program at Académie Ménard Girardin until the age of 17. With 2 years on the Brébeuf tennis team, he has been coaching at AMG summer tennis camps since he was 18.

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