Robby Ménard

Tennis Canada Level 4 Certified – International Coach

Robby is known as a player’s coach, and is close to his players. He believes in a positive approach and the importance of building confidence in children. An expert and a reference at maximizing talent, being involved in the development of an athlete over a period of 5 to 6 years is what drives and motivates him.


“Competition is healthy …”

Competing’ comes from Latin ‘competere‘ which means to seek together. If you play your best, then I’ll have to play my best to meet your challenge.

Competitive environments promote athletic and personal development and provide opportunity for growth. Properly understood, competition is healthy and an ideal avenue for helping you reach your potential.

With his desire to always improve, and being a constant innovator, Robby is on the forefront of developing tennis knowledge, having recently developed and launched SportsTech Coaching.

Education: Bachelor Degree in Sport Science.


  • Leadership
  • Experience
  • Energy and Intensity



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